Being Young – Five simple reasons on why people wished they were young again.

       Being Young

I can probably name a ton of people who wished that they were still in that age where you slip and get your knees scrape. Yes, the young age. However, is that really the young age or can a thirty-six years old man be young. Well it actually depends on your age and what you think being young is all about, like for example, if you think age is shown by the physical appearance than okay or if you’re belief of being young is a lot about the mental thinking of the person than so be it! The main question really isn’t about on what you believe in, but on why people want to be young again. So I just had to list the five reasons on why people wished that they could become young again.

1. When you’re young, you have appeal.

Wait up, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that middle-aged people are not charming cause heck yeah they are in another level of charm. I call it the “adult charm”. However, think about it, who would choose a used up tool from a brand new one, right? I feel like I offended a lot of people there 😦 . When you’re young, you have that energy and that floating charisma all around you, which makes you more desirable.

2. The Past

I actually have friends who tell me on why they want to be young again, and the reason would be that they want to go back to their past. Some people out there just can’t really manage to move on either because it made a negative impact on their life and they want to fix it, or it was such a blissful moment of their life that they don’t want to let go of.

3. The “L” word

I’m trying not to worsen this blog, but come’ on  there has got to be “L” words everywhere already and you probably don’t need to read it again. Nah, you got to see it one last time. I should be straight to the point, young people get more love than most adults. “But why?!” Because we live in a world where kids need to be taken cared of to become great adults and bring money to the family. Get it? Nowadays when adults like each other they refer to “dating” (not that I’m saying dating is so lame, as a matter of fact, It makes everyone feel wonderful!). Nevertheless, vulnerable, young people need more guidance than responsible adults.

4. Better society

Some very old people out there believe that there was more “L” word back then and also respect for elders, so some would just want to go back and I guess be more cherished than now where grand kids force their grandma to dance Bubble Butt and post it to YouTube. Aye, come’on grandma, not all young people are like that! I have to say though, I do believe that it was more fun in the 1980’s because there had been more verbal communication going on and friendships being made, rather than a thousand friends online but having no one to cry on when you need it “physically”. The world probably had less pollution back then.

5. People

When a person is young, almost everything is complete. Yes, complete. People that you love most are still with you. With that being said, when a person ages, other people ages too. Basically, what I’m trying to point out here is that when someone comes to the family, someone is destined to leave. Like recycling, but more painful then just throwing papers in a bin. I tell people that it’s a requirement to die, and they, even I, are still quite sad of that requirement.

So those are the five reasons on why people would want to be young again. I hoped this blog helped anyone understand people more and their way of thinking. It’s a basic list that I know most of you know, but just a reminder to the world I guess. I would be posting more later and give out more of my word of thought. I hope everyone had a good day and take care!



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