Being Perfect

Being Perfect

A lot of people in this world would want to be “perfect”. However, do we really know what being perfect is, when no body models that image. Teens say that being perfect is having those luscious lips, curvy thin body, and big round asses. Men would say that being perfect is having a job, money, and anything that strengthens their ego. Religious people simply state that God is perfect. There are so many perfect things that we seem to idealize in our minds, therefore it’s hard to predict what perfection really is. I mean who invented that word anyway? Does being perfect mean that you get to be famous. Think about it this way, Justin Bieber was a Canadian singer who was “perfect” in the eyes of teen girls, but he managed to go egging on his neighbors ( I’m not sure if it was his neighbors =.=).  Bill Gates, the most richest man on earth, has hair loss going on. Bruce Lee, a stuntman and actor, died on his taping and later diagnosed by cerebral edema. King of Egypt, Tutankhamun a.k.a King Tut, couldn’t even expand Egypt’s borders. So if you’re asking me if they are perfect, then I would surely say,”no darling, they ain’t.” You’re mind is probably blowing up right now and probably hate the word perfect since I seem to abuse it in this blog. However, all those calm people will be thinking in their mind and asking me with our “special mind connection” then what is perfect,Mammy? Let me break this to all of the people in the world reading this blog right now. Perfect is an hypnotic illusion that goes gaga on low self-esteem peoples’ minds. Okay, to be short, perfect cannot and will not be obtained by anyone who breathes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Perfect does not exist….. Yeah I can sense that WTF-face on you right now. It can only be a dream, a desire, that we can never have. Like a guy liking his best friend who has a boyfriend :O. Oops, hit the spot there mate?

Seriously though, even though I joke around with this, I mean everything that I say with all of my hairy eye brows heart. I guess my advice to those people who think that there are perfect people, need to sink in the fact that there aren’t and that they should totally only focus on their selves, because there is nothing more beautiful in this world then being able to shout “I love myself” in the middle of New York city wearing crocs and a plaided skirt.

Person: Wait! Mammy what about makeup?

Mammy: If your makeup brush can summon Mona Lisa, Davinchi, Abraham Lincoln, and Bob Marley back to life, then yes. ^.^

Hope you all have a good day,



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